The USS General Hoyt S. Vandenberg is a former war ship, which used to cruise the oceans for the US Navy to monitor rockets during the Second World War and the Cold War.

In 2009 the ship was eventually sunk off the coast of Floridas to become an artificial reef.

Meanwhile, a unique eco system has evolved on the old wreck, and it has become a hotspot for divers, who can admire the ship along the Florida Wreck Trail.

Andreas Franke took pictures of parts of the Vanderberg from various perspectives and created several collages by combining the pictures of the wrecks with scenes photographed in his studio in Vienna.

The result are pieces of art which create a fascinating and bizarre dream world:

A little girl on a fantastic hunt for fish, a kick-boxing fight only witnessed by submarine life, or ballerinas who don’t mind their unusual surroundings.

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The finished photos were eventually glued shut with plexiglass and exhibited on the shipwreck 30 m below the surface for a period of three months.

Thus the very sea created a unique patina, adding life to the pieces.

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