More than 30 years ago the Greek freighter SS Stavronikita was sunk off Barbados in the Caribbean.

The ocean has turned the ship into a habitat which has over several decades become the home of a marine diversity of corals, sponges and shells.

Out of this lushness Andreas Franke has created collages with photos staged in his studio which mime one of the most decadent epochs of our history: the rococo

Dapper ladies enjoying their luxurious lives 25 meters below the sea, surrounded by corals and fish, turn the pictures into pieces of art that construct an unusual underwater world with their excentric depictions.

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Every picture is a symbiosis of underwater photographs of the sunken ship and shots from the studio that depict everyday scenes from people from the past.

The finished photos were eventually glued shut in plexiglass and exhibited on the wreck at a depth of 25m for three months.

Thus the very sea created a unique patina, adding life to the pieces.


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