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The Gallery

Andreas Franke’s gallery (Galerie Andreas Franke) is situated in Vienna, right behind Museumsquartier, right in the centre of the 7th district’s arts scene.

Since 2019 it has housed the first permanent exhibition of renowned photographer Andreas Franke’s art and is complemented by current projects.

We are open:

Tuesday to Friday from 2 to 7 pm
Saturday from 11am to 3 pm or on appointment

Andreas Franke

Franke has been a commercial photographer for a long time, and for more than ten years he has used his skills to create artistic depictions of elaborate photomontages, in which submarine landscapes, coral reefs and old shipwrecks become the stage for sceneries that evoke the past.

The finished compositions are glued shut with plexiglass plates and then attached to the rump of a shipwreck by divers. During the ensuing three months those pieces of art are refined by a natural patina of algae and microorganisms.

This unusual technique turns every picture into a unique item.
The ubiquitous key element in Franke’s diverse work is the ocean in all its aspects.

Surreal fabricated underwater worlds and the power flip between man and sea have increasingly become blended with approaches critical of society, and thus the signature art of Andreas Franke is created.

Franke’s current projectPlastic Oceandeals with the global problem of sea pollution. Every year, Europe alone causes about 500,000 tons of plastic waste to end up in the sea, and the numbers are constantly rising.

In his photo series Andreas Franke tries to raise awareness for this issue without losing his aesthetic approach.

©Robert Wilpernig